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List of Recipients


Tiana Hokins Red Cross -To better understand the mental health and wellbeing impacts on people undertaking emergency reunification processes.

Marcus Warner SES – To explore what can be done to minimise the impact of witnessing traumatic events on tourists in wilderness areas where support services are limited.

Greg Dean VICPOL – Early intervention mental health respite centres

Dennis Smith CFA/MFB – Mindfulness programs and how they have been applied and evaluated in emergency management settings


Jacob Riley SES – Community warnings and how they can be improved through technology to encourage protective action in emergencies

Luke Heagerty CFA – Incident management undertaken in collaboration with the private sector

Linda Jones VICPOL – Improving critical forensic document examination in Victoria

Geoff Ranzenhofer CFA – Best practice practical fire investigation training


James Bradley MFB – Operational preparedness, response and safety for emergency services responding to situations of hoarding

Carina Heppell SES (volunteer) – To identify whether people who live in different environments prepare, respond and recover differently to emergencies and why

Glenn Kroezen VICPOL – Best practice in safety, training, response and investigation techniques of clandestine drug manufacturing involving fentanyl and synthetic opiates

Kobi Laudani DELWP (seasonal firefighter) – To investigate aboriginal fire management techniques

Sam Miletta MFB – Tactical considerations for non-law enforcement first responders involved in warm zone operations during a hostile event

Melanie Mills EMV – To understand the application of the FEMA model at a local level to inform planning for the future


Darren Conlin MFB – Development of a terrorism response capability framework for non-law enforcement response agencies

Philip Richard Hawkey CFA – Traditional burning practice implications for planned burning in Victoria

Gavin Charles Parker CFA – Best practices for the prevention, detection and suppression of fire in open cut brown coal mines and power generation facilities

Craig Shepherd VICPOL – Gain specialist knowledge to develop a remote piloted aircraft & systems unit for Victoria Police

James Wong CFA – Implementation of self-contained breathing apparatus technology and innovations specifically targeting enhancements to emergency responder safety in irrespirable atmospheres within complex environments


Jason Behan VICPOL – Complete the multi-agency CBRN trainers’ course.

Wendy Coombes DEPI – Investigate best practice for use of detector dogs in emergency prevention and response in biosecurity surveillance programs

Georgina Davis AMBVIC – Best practice community cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) education campaigns

Reegan Keys EMV – Best practice in the way warnings and information is provided to international communities during emergencies

Wayne Rigg CFA – Aviation capability to meet an ‘all hazards, all agency, all year’ approach to protect Victorian communities


Faye Bendrups SES (volunteer) – Community preparedness, engagement and education

Paul Elso CFA – Prepare, respond and manage train incidents in Victoria

Michelle Murphy AMBVIC – High performance CPR

Duncan Worsfold DEPI – 3d’s of animal disease


Kylie Abraham VICSES (volunteer) – Maximising engagement of volunteer participants in emergency services training

Glen Bousa CFA (volunteer) – Utilising water support units

Tony Bundock CFA (volunteer) – Best practice models of building a resilient emergency and rescue service within a contracting fiscal environment

Michael Campbell MFB – Best practice in transferring emergency personnel and equipment to ships and strategies to combat marine fires and incidents

Carl Gibson CFA (volunteer) – Training methods to improve decision making and safety

Andrew McKee VICPOL – Opportunities to improve the delivery and development of eLearning programs to benefit multi agency training and response

Stephen Walls CFA – Multi agency training, education and professional development for strategic level incident managers


Matthew Anderson VICPOL – Complete the multi-Agency (tactical) CBRN command course

Cliff Overton MFB – Research into the planning and creation of resilient places through improvements in land use planning strategy, policy and regulation

Rick Owen CFA – Post fire atmospheric monitoring in structures for public and responder safety

Mark Swiney MFB – Benchmarking systems and structures of large scale crisis management against outcomes of emergency management reform

Kerryn Wratt AMBVIC – Improving pre-hospital care in remote and wilderness environments of Victoria

David Goldfinch CSTGD (volunteer) – Investigation into the development of crew protection systems for emergency services personnel working in the marine environment

Casey Nunn AMBVIC (volunteer) – An international perspective of techniques used to improve leadership skills and other schemes for the recruitment and retention of volunteers

Fiona Sewell CFA (volunteer) – Strategies to increase and sustain pre-incident resilience in emergency service groups


Lindsay Bent AMBVIC – Demand Modelling for medical response

Christopher Blackstock CFA – Using social media to aid decision making during an emergency

Marianne Brereton AMBVIC – Developing a model (HART) for paramedics to be deployed to major disasters

Stephen Luke St John Amb – Vol Evaluations of the impact on local health services of St John Ambulance pre hospital Medical Assistance team deployments at mass gatherings

Ross Mc Neill VICPOL – Evaluate methods used to evacuate residents in constricted locations during wildfire

Peter Olthoff VICSES (volunteer) – Flash Flooding warning systems

Kate Riddell AMBVIC (volunteer) – Understanding of current best practice in mental health first aid training for front line emergency services volunteers

Angela Seach CFA – Organisational responses to long term Psychological impacts of disaster on individuals and groups

Stuart Stuart VCC (volunteer) – Critical Incident stress management within the Government arrangements

Jonathan Van Ek MFB – Rapid extrication of time patients involved in motor incidents


Adam Barnett VFBA (volunteer) – EMR peer support

Geoff Dunmore VICSES (volunteer) – The latest developments in rescue vehicle and equipment technologies, design and practice

Rosie Keane AMBVIC (volunteer) – Strengthening the chain of survival

Tom Lowe DSE – Building community capacity to live with fire

Jonathan Payne VICPOL – Management of OH&S of emergency service employees in uncontrolled environments

Ron Sheppard AVCG (volunteer) – Risk management in recreational boating

Dalal Smiley MFB – Achieving diversity in the emergency services through positive action programs

Nigel Taylor LSV – Water safety for communities

Rohan Thorton CFA (volunteer) – Ways to improve the succession management of volunteers in senior positions

Graeme Winterton VCC (volunteer) – Emergency ministry


Julie Harris MFB – Knowledge transfer of vulnerable groups amongst various agencies

Mick Hermans VICPOL – The impacts of civil disturbance, obedience and public order in UK as part of event management

Peter Kueffer VIC SES – To identify best practice on responder resistance and resilience

Michael Whitty MFB – To consider expanded use of thermal imaging technology for responders


Glenn Jennings CFA – Safer vehicles, safer drivers

Adam Smibert MFB – The use of fire bikes in other countries

Jeff Green CFA – Cardiovascular fatality prevention

Douglas Hocking VICPOL – Emergency planning risk management in the university environment

Vicky Kyris VICPOL – Using corporate anthropology to enhance the alignment of corporate support services with frontline operations


Paul Jennings CFA – Incident reporting in the pre-hospital environment

Neil Bumpstead CFA – Integrated emergency services marine emergency response


John Cooke VICPOL – Research whether the English national driver improvement scheme can be applied in Victoria

Georgia Prattis MFB – Study of gender equality in the UK and how this can be applied to emergency services in Australia

Brett Boatman CFA – Alpine and cold weather firefighting techniques


James Unkles RAV – Helping the Helper: A study of CISM post September 11


Craig Simpson CFA – Simulation training with emphasis on multi agency response to terrorist incidents

Helen Bull CFA – How emergency service environmental practices can be improved whilst maintaining efficient and effective delivery of services

Rodney Harris MFB – Teenage driver education

John Fitzpatrick VICPOL – Dog-cam technology in search and other operations

Michael Vanderzalm SES – Advanced motor vehicle extraction techniques, instructions and scenario building


Robert Gatt VICPOL – Interaction between professional and volunteer search and rescue services

Mark Garvey CFA – Use of geographic information system technology in unforeseen emergencies


Gary White DNRE – Systems to recognise and address firefighting safety issues promptly, effectively and universally

Sharon Landers MFB – Models of community safety and injury prevention initiatives and coalitions

Bruce Tobin VICPOL – Releasing information via the internet during a crisis


David Woods MFB – Emergency management of firefighting tactics in underground tunnels

Bruce Knight VICPOL – Developments in the control of CBR incidents

Shane Wright MFB – CBR preparedness response and recovery initiatives

Anthony Pearce RAV – CBR preparedness response and recovery initiatives


Gregory McWilliam VICPOL – Arson and fire incident monitoring system

James Sams MAS – Use of rapid sequence intubations in emergency medical helicopter

Joseph Buffone SES – Alpine wilderness search and rescue

Alan Rhodes CFA – Investigating disaster resistant communities


Faye Valcanis DNRE – Reducing wildfires through education

Roy Marshall MFB – Fire legislation for public housing with emphasis on people with disabilities

Stephen Warren SES – Development and implementation of dam emergency management plans


Peter Seiz VICPOL – Arson investigation

Greg Bawden MFB – Computer aided dispatch

Steven Cowling MFB – Positive pressure ventilation and training strategies

Euan Ferguson CFA – Fire management of privately owned plantations

Kevin Loomes VICPOL – Major incident media strategies

Peter Cocks SES – Major incident media strategies

Gareth Davis SES – Flood response and mitigation strategies with table top exercises

Mark O’Çonnor MFB – Urban search and rescue

David Self MFB – First response role, MFB in emergency medical service


Gary Arnold VICPOL – Advanced explosives techniques course

Denis Rich MFB – Provisions of emergency medical services


David Nicholson MFB – Management of major emergency incidents with emphasis on the impact of civil disorders and terrorist actions on fire service procedures

Garry Lyttle CFA – Training concepts of volunteer fire brigades in the USA

David Gray CFA – Fire department response procedures


Trevor Perkins MFB – Philosophies, codes and principle for fire protection measures and practices for dangerous goods

Phil Harris MFB – Use of multi-disciplined task forces to investigate arson

Andrea Hinwood EPA – Environmental assessment and management of emergency incidents

Ross Penny DCNR – Smoke management issues

Gary Tennyson VICPOL – Airport emergency planning and procedures

Paul Jerome SES – Heavy vehicle rescue techniques and training methods


Euan Ferguson DCNR – Investigation of forest and rural fires in the USA

Ron Webb CFA – The management of career and volunteer fire fighting resources

Greg Gibson MAS – Role of quality assurance in pre-hospital emergency care

Michael Farrell MFB – Emergency service communications system


Barbara Morgan RLSS – Medical aspects of life saving-operations and technical equipment

Phillip Jordan VICROADS – Traffic management to improve the safe transport of hazardous goods

Doug Roberts VICPOL – Emergency management arrangements and DISPLAN

Alan Sullivan SES – Educating and informing the public in emergency management

Adrian Barry MFB – Impact of hazardous materials on the environment and emergency workers


Keith Adamson MFB – The development of an emergency service training complex

Fiona Hamilton Conservation Forests and Land Development – Investigation of a major computer system for fire protection/suppression

Patricia Murdoch SES – Surviving emergency stress

Kevin Murphy MAS – Litigation against paramedic and ambulance personnel

Geoff Shepard VICPOL – Delinquency control


James Doyle SES – Examination of road accident rescue techniques in South Australia

Doug Quilliam CFA – Examination of road accident rescue techniques in South Australia