Wellbeing Directory

Beyond Rest Hawthorn is a beautiful wellness centre that prides itself on friendliness, service and hygiene. Their pods are the “Rolls Royce of pods”, that can take the largest/tallest of us all and float us in 500 kgs of Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts). The benefits are incredible – relaxation, cortisol reduction, muscle recovery, reduced pain and stiffness, increased circulation and improved sleep, and anxiety and stress reduction. They have Floatation therapy, Infrared Saunas, A Cocoon Wellness Pod (a dry lay down Infrared sauna with vibrational massage in the base), and Red Light Therapy/Contour light used for general overall body wellness, anxiety and contouring. 

Find out more at http://www.beyondrest.com.au/hawthorn-melbourne or the links below.

Not-for-profit organisation, Bowls Gr8 for Brains aims to minimise the risk of self-harm and suicide through empowerment, engagement, and strengthening relationships through participation in peer supported, community-based programs at local bowls clubs.

Programs are run in multiple locations across Australia, to find out more click on the Facebook link below.

First Responders Trek For Health is a registered not for profit organisation founded in 2019 by Emergency Service Personnel.

Their Focus is the Mental and Physical wellbeing of First Responders and Front-Line Workers.

Their objectives are to develop programs within environmental parameters conducive to attaining and perpetuating a robust mental health as well as achievable levels of physical fitness.

Realised by way of facilitation and encouragement in the participation of outdoor activities primarily consisting of, but not limited to hiking in a wilderness environment.

Find out more at www.firstresponderstfh.org or the link below.

Fortem Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the mental health and wellbeing of first responder families – the people who protect and care for Australian communities. 

They use research and best-practice to develop free, evidence-based preventative and early intervention services that focus on career retention, social connection, and mental health support. 

This includes wellbeing activities, community engagements, psychological services, career management services, and wellbeing resources. 

By enhancing the resilience of both first responders and their families, they can ensure that they can withstand the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges faced during their regular duties, as well as during periods of heightened stress such as critical incidents and large-scale disasters. 

Find out more at https://fortemaustralia.org.au/ or the links below.

Operation Soul Surf (OSS) is a surf therapy/learn to surf program for current and former first responders and veterans who have experienced post traumatic stress, anxiety and other mental and physical health issues.

Operation Soul Surf was born from the love of surfing, the ocean and the desire to help those who have given so much for our communities and country.

Find out more at www.operationsoulsurf.com or the links below.

Protecting the Protectors is for all Victoria Police members and retired veterans to receive safe and secure treatment for PTSD and mental health related issues. 

Awareness is critical and their aim is to promote an environment where members are able to freely discuss and receive personal treatment for their recovery needs. 

They believe that having a safe and secure ward for the immediate treatment and management of members’ health is crucial to reducing the stigma of seeking assistance while promoting recovery. 

By working together, they hope this campaign can help members attain the help needed to reduce the impact of traumatic incidents experienced in daily policing.

Find out more at https://protectingtheprotectors.com/ or the links below.

The Code 9 Foundation provides a place of support for current and veteran professional first responders and 000 operators who live with PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions that result from their service to the community. 

This support is available both in the “virtual world” as well as social connection activities and assisting in times of need. The path through mental injury can be an isolating and lonely road.  

At Code 9, they reach out and teach one another that they are never alone in their respective journeys, and they protect, support and encourage one another to do what is necessary to recover.

Find out more at http://www.code9ptsd.org.au or the links below.

The Path of the Horse provides equine therapy to assist emergency service workers and their families seeking better mental health and well-being. 

Their team of trauma-trained practitioners provide great care and support.  

Their work is a non-clinical approach that is powerful, effective and empathetic approach that assists their clients to make positive changes. 

They are located in Trentham, Victoria, and are surrounded by the Wombat State Forest and magnificent wildlife.

Find out more at http://www.pathofthehorse.com.au/ or the link below.