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Emergency Services Foundation History

After the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires a public appeal was launched to provide relief to Emergency Service Workers affected by this tragic event. With the agreement of the originators of the appeal the residual funds were used to form a charitable trust for the benefit of Emergency Service Workers. In 1987 the Emergency Services Foundation was established and in line with the origins of the Trust it was determined that provisions of the Trust Deed be directed towards:

  1. the relief and assistance to any Victorian Emergency Service Worker and their families who suffer hardship as a result of the Worker engaged in the operations of activities of an Emergency Service; and
  2. the funding of research and study by properly qualified persons aimed at the improvement of the methods of relief and assistance set out in (1) or the lessening of hazards experienced by Victorian Emergency Service Workers in their line of duty.

Since 1987 a number of Victorian Emergency Service Workers have received financial assistance and in some cases the families of the deceased have also received financial support.

In excess of 140 Scholarships have been provided to members of the Victorian Emergency Services and these are allocated on an annual basis on the recommendation of the Head of the Agency concerned with the nominations.

In summary should any applicant wish to reference the eligibility criteria please contact Jenny Davis on 0406 003 765. Click here for more information about Scholarship Applications.

Annual Reports

2018 and 2019 Reports will be merged and published in due course after the close of the 2018/19 financial year.

Annual Reports from past years are available as PDFs by clicking on the links below.

25th Anniversary

In 2013, we celebrated 25 years of supporting emergency services workers. Below is a video commemorating our history.


25th Anniversary Book
25th Anniversary Book PDF