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ESF aims to host regular online Insight Conversations where it brings people together to foster innovation and good practice through knowledge sharing. Subject matter experts provide insight on a topic of relevance to the emergency management sector.

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View recordings of past Insight Conversation webinars below: 

Cumulative Trauma Explained

Dr. Shannon Hood, Clinical Counsellor, Tolycab, analyses the causes, effects, and prevention strategies for accumulated trauma in emergency service personnel.

WorkSafe webinar: How to drive better prevention initiatives from data

Sarah Greeney, Director, WorkWell, and Irene Krishnan, Senior Program Manager, Mental Health discuss data insights and the link to WorkSafe’s program of work.

Navigating the Proposed New Psychosocial Regulations

Catherine Dunlop, Partner at Maddocks and Senior Fellow in OHS at University of Melbourne.

How the Emergency Service Sector can Create a Better Brighter Future After COVID

Andrew Wear (author and public servant), John Richardson (National Resilience Adviser for Australian Red Cross), and Carmel Flynn (CEO at Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV) discuss how the emergency service sector can create a better, brighter future after COVID.

Workplace Health and Safety Month, Psychologically Preparing for Challenging Times

This interactive event provided access to insight from five experts and the opportunity to discuss “What would the best possible pre deployment psychological preparedness look like?”


Dr Paula Robinson, CEO and Founder of Applied Positive Psychology Learning Institute,  Cate Page Executive Director, Clinical Services of Converge International, and Suzanne Leckie, Organisational Wellbeing Manager at CFA, talk about that hard-to-describe feeling of “blah” we all know.

Managing the Human Dimensions of Disasters

Kjell Brataas, Dr Shannon Hood, and Dr Graham Dwyer discuss the emotional and behavioural impacts of disasters on survivors and responders.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Workplace Mental Health of Emergency Frontline Staff

Speakers Professor Russell Roberts, Associate Professor Larissa Bamberry, and Dr Stacey Jenkins are all members of the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Workplace Wellness Research Unit which offers a comprehensive suite of expertise in research, education, policy advice and effective interventions designed to enhance the wellness and productivity of organisations.

Centre of Excellence for Emergency Worker Mental Health

Professor David Forbes, Tony McHugh, and Andrew Lawrence provide an understanding of the background, purpose, and importance to the Centre of Excellence for Emergency Worker Mental Health’s establishment.

Emergency Service Volunteers Transition to Retirement 

Working remotely WPI students Olivia, Jackie and Alexis concluded that there is much room for improvement in how the wellbeing of volunteers is supported as they transition to retirement. 

Vicarious Trauma

Erin Smith, Emma Scheele, Darren Hodge, and Heather Miller discuss what vicarious trauma is, and what can be done to lessen its impact in the ES sector.

Volunteer Recognition

WPI students Dylan Connors, Dan Divecchia, and Karen Ho investigate how we can better appreciate and recognise our emergency service volunteers. 


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Other webinars:

Psychologically Preparing for Challenging Times

This interactive event hosted by the Emergency Services Foundation as part of Workplace Mental Health Month will give you access to experts’ insight and the opportunity to discuss the question of psychological preparedness in small groups with colleagues from across the sector.

Sitting with the Grief of Others Webinar

First responders don’t always recognise their reaction to loss as grief.