There is a name for the blah you are feeling: It’s called languishing.

We all know the feeling, but it has been hard to describe when people ask how you are going. It’s not depression it’s just feeling somewhat joyless and aimless as we are locked down, again.

Meet our speakers

This Insight Conversation is led by Dr Paula Robinson, CEO and Founder of Applied Positive Psychology Learning Institute

Also joining the conversation is Cate Page Executive Director, Clinical Services of Converge International, a company well known to the emergency service sector for the mental health support they provide. With her extensive direct experience in a range of complex settings in the public and private sectors Cate will bring her perspective on how languishing is impacting our workplaces.

Suzanne LeckieOrganisational Wellbeing Manager at CFA will bring to the conversation her insights on how she has observed languishing at work in an emergency service setting and why it is something we should be aware of across the sector, especially as we enter that time of year when preparedness is front of mind.

The New York Times – “There’s a Name for The Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing”