How to look after employees working from home is a brochure developed by the Workplace Mental Health Symposium. It provides tools, techniques and plans to effectively manage remote workers.

Why Compassionate Leadership Matters in a Crises is an article about the importance of positive leadership during COVID-19. It is part of The Kings Fund Leading through COVID-19 website which has many practical guides and videos to provide support to health and care leaders, including emergency service workers. The Kings Fund is an organisation committed to improving health and care in England.

Design company Canva are offering free print and social communications templates to help you share important information to stop the spread.

OzHelp’s “Health and Wellbeing at Work” program has developed resources to promote wellbeing at this time of worry and disruption including three brochures: Looking after yourself and others during times of uncertaintytackling uncertainty with a plan; and tips for self care.

Managers and individual wanting expert support for looking yourself during COVID-19 can book an OzHelp Wellbeing Support Officer for an online consultations. Consultations are interactive talks for up to six-participants at a time that involve face-to-screen connection with a person, not a program. A summary is outlined in the flyer for this program.