Looking After Yourself

MyCompass is an internet and smartphone-based program developed by the BlackDog Institute to help you manage your mental health.  After you register and answer some questions, you get feedback to help you learn new ways to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that cause you trouble.  MyCompass has 14 interactive learning activities and provides a toolkit of scientifically tested strategies to use when you need them. Best results are seen with active use for a minimum of seven weeks.

This web page, by the Office of Health and Safety (in Dept of Health and Human Services) has a wealth of tools and information for building resilience.  It focuses on how to take care of emergency responders, and helping them take care of themselves when deployed for disasters. It is produced with support from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Resilience and Mental Health Team.

This website by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (under Dept of Health and Human Services) has general information about mental health, data and publications, tools and resources including a mental health quiz.

​Like most working Australians, you probably play many different roles to different people. As well as being an employee, you might be a parent, spouse, caregiver, volunteer, friend.  SuperFriend offers simple strategies for looking after yourself.

Conversations Matter is a hub managed by EveryMind and provides a range of practical resources relevant for individuals, families, community groups, workplaces and educational settings.