Looking After Others

SuperFriend’s  supporting colleagues through loss and hard times helps you know how to help a colleague coming to terms with loss.  This includes information about loss, common fears, ideas to reach out and things you should and should not do and say to a colleague suffering grief and loss.

SuperFriend gives information about supporting a loved one or friend you might have noticed a change in. How can you tell if someone struggling with a mental health issue? What can you do, and what should you not to do, to offer support? How can you know if it’s the right time to talk?

RUOK has a website of conversation resources including steps and tips to ‘ask are you ok’? Asking isn’t always easy, but it could change a life. To help people better prepare for a conversation the website explains the launch of ‘RUOK Mate’ – an Action on Google where you can role play scenarios and get tips on how, when and where to ask “R U OK?”