Flourishing Families

One initiative of ESF’s new Family Matters strategy is a program called Flourishing Families. This was piloted in January 2024 in three locations in East Gippsland in partnership with Mackillop Seasons.

East Gippsland Flourishing Families program 

The Flourishing Families program brings together Emergency Services (ES) families from East Gippsland together in a fun and safe setting. This program, offered in partnership with MacKillop Seasons was initially a pilot program as part of ESF’s new Family Matters Strategy.

Two concurrent programs are run, one for adults and teenagers, and one for children aged 5-12.

Programs have been run at:

  • Swifts Creek
  • Orbost
  • Buchan
  • Mallacoota

Facilitated by

Dr Shannon Hood  

Emergency Services Foundation  

Shannon is a CFA volunteer, counsellor and clinical supervisor specialising in emergency services. Shannon was also embedded with volunteer fire fighting teams during multiple Black Saturday deployments and has an extensive career supporting the sector in NSW, the ACT, SA and now Victoria. He was also a SES volunteer for over a decade in South Australia. 

Wendy Ronalds  

MacKillop Seasons Community Resilience Officer (East Gippsland – Vic)  

Wendy’s career has seen her be a teacher, a chaplain and a trained Seasons Companion to many children and young people. She walks alongside them in their journey of grief and loss. Wendy feels blessed to be supporting the beautiful community of East Gippsland with MacKillop Seasons programs.

Godelieve Hofman-Verkuyl 

Disaster Recovery Lead 

Godelieve has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of family, child and youth support. Leading the MacKillop Seasons’ Disaster projects, Godelieve works closely with a team of Community Resilience Officers in NSW and Victoria to support impacted communities in the process of recovery, by identifying needs, skills, strategies and attitudes which assist in building resilience and preparedness.   

*All staff hold WWC check 

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