Day 11

18 March

(Day 8 of trekking)

“Day 8 and the now expected weather greeted us, double digit minus figures and beautiful blue skies and bright sun.
Today was the leg from Gokyo to Thangknak and the opportunity to cross the massive Ngozumba Glacier which is apparently the longest glacier in South East Asia. The glacier is both stark and beautiful at the same time, in some ways it looks like a moonscape until you carefully climb down to the bottom and you can see great exposed areas of glacier. The huge amount of rock that covers much of the glacier is a result of the glaciers never ending movement causing rockslides.
Mentioning rock slides, we we’re extremely lucky with one occuring as we were descending to the bottom, a few of our guides had to get out of the way and the velocity of the rocks was incredible. The slide resulted in far slower and smaller groups descending in the hope that we would make smaller targets, amazing how quickly you can wake up and recognise that this is one of the most remote and dangerous areas of the world.
After another day of all the senses being challenged it was another tea house with frozen drop toilets, water pipes and waking up at -15 to find your camel back bladder frozen along with the sunscreen and moisturiser😂. Despite all this, the beauty of the region and the people continues to delight.”
– Tony