Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria is an independent, not for profit organisation with a mission to assist and protect wildlife through our rescue, education, and advocacy activities. Our Wildlife Emergency Response Service receives notifications from members of the public via our emergency phone and online reporting system.  We receive over 100,000 requests for help a year and help over 80,000 animals. The 24/7 Emergency Response Service relies on an extensive state-wide network of rescue and transport volunteers, veterinarians who provide pro-bono services for wildlife, and the licensed carers and shelters who accept animals into their care for rehabilitation and release.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Wildlife Victoria is currently focused on increasing access to mental health support for our staff and volunteers.

Collaborating with ESF

Wildlife Victoria is continuing to build on our emergency first responder service and strengthening our peer relationships with other emergency services agencies.

Contact Details

Wellbeing and Support Services at Wildlife Victoria office@wildlifevictoria.org.au