Life Saving Victoria

Life Saving Victoria exists to prevent aquatic related death and injury in all Victorian communities. Our vision is that all Victorians learn water safety, swimming and resuscitation and be provided with safe aquatic environments and venues. Established in 2002 as a result of a merger between the Royal Life Saving Society Australia Victoria Branch (est. 1904) and Surf Life Saving Victoria (est. 1947), Life Saving Victoria operates as a social enterprise employing more than 500 staff with over 37,000 lifesaving club members. Together, we work with communities, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses and the broader aquatic industry, to achieve our vision and mission.

Collaborating with ESF

Life Saving Victoria works under the umbrella of Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) as part of the State’s emergency management services and is recognised by the Victorian Government as a core agency that plays a role in delivering EMV’s strategic action plan. Our other key links with government are in the areas of health and sport, and recreation.