The Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) is an independent statutory role reporting to Victoria’s Minister for Emergency Services. As Inspector-General, Tony Pearce provides assurance to government and the community in respect of emergency management arrangements in Victoria, and fosters their continuous improvement. This includes identifying what is working well, where change is required, and monitoring the implementation of desired changes into practice. In essence, the Inspector-General and his office strive to give Victorians confidence that the emergency management arrangements are effective.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

IGEM undertakes reviews and investigations of a broad range of emergency management activities. From time to time, information gathered through these activities may trigger vicarious trauma and other stresses to mental health.

We promote a safe and inclusive workplace, and are committed to looking after the mental health and wellbeing of all our employees.

Our proactive and responsive measures aim to minimise or eliminate harm. All employees can access critical incident individual face-to-face psychological first aid / debriefing services tailored for IGEM’s work.

Collaborating with ESF

IGEM takes a collaborative, evidence-based and community-focused approach in conducting assurance activities. Through our work, we support Victoria’s emergency management sector to learn, improve, and deliver positive outcomes for Victorian communities.

From our assurance activities, we know implementation of health and wellbeing initiatives are supporting and minimising symptoms of poor mental health in our sector. Through collaborating with ESF, we want to foster a sector-wide commitment to creating mentally-healthy workplaces; and a commitment which is embedded in all aspects of organisations’ practices and culture.

Contact details

E: igem@igem.vic.gov.au

T: 03 8684 7900
w: igem.vic.gov.au