CFA is Victoria’s volunteer fire service, operating across the state to reduce the occurrence and impacts of fire and other emergencies. CFA is a dedicated and skilled team of tens of thousands Victorians, performing roles beyond fire suppression; educating and engaging the community, helping residents develop fire plans and responding to other emergencies when they happen. CFA is more than 50,000 volunteers and 800 staff working together to protect lives and property across Victoria.

Mental health and wellbeing

CFA is invested in our people’s wellbeing. We run a range of wellbeing programs, including the Member Assistance Program (MAP), Peer Support, and other health-related programs proving resources and support to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of CFA members and their families. We’re currently developing technological solutions to supplement our face to face services including an online self-monitoring tool, and we continue to deliver the mental health literacy program for leaders.

Collaborating with ESF

Sector wide mental health collaboration gives CFA insight into what other emergency service organisations are doing to support mental health initiatives, and promotes useful discussion around best practise across the sector.

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CFA Wellbeing Services

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