Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross has stood with humankind in hardship, crisis and disaster for more than 100 years. With the support of tens of thousands of volunteers, members and staff, and many generous donors, Australian Red Cross provides comfort, care and connection to people coping with tough times in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Red Cross values the wellbeing of its workforce. We recognise that creating and providing workplace psychological wellness is good for everyone – either by looking after our own wellness or by creating wellness in our workplace. This means, our people and our organisation are more resilient, productive and successful. 

We support the wellbeing of our people through the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services Workforce Wellbeing Framework. The framework sets out clear steps, guidance, and available tools to enable planning and delivery of wellbeing plans to support the Red Cross Emergency Services workforce, working to help people in Australia.  Central to the framework is the Red Cross vision of Human dignity, peace, safety, and wellbeing for all, and the Emergency Services program goal to, save lives, build resilient communities and support people in disasters.

Contact Details

Phone: 03 9345 1800