Boom or Bust

Grant Chisnall donating 30 percent of proceeds from new book to ESF

Grant Chisnall, leading author, founder of ‘Left of Boom’ and host of ‘Crisis Talks’ podcast, is kindly donating 30% of sales from his new book Boom or Bust – Survive and Thrive During Crisis to ESF in support of our work. 

Grant is a leading crisis management professional, with an early career in the defence force, he quickly moved to operational leadership deployment and soon thereafter, worked as a military advisor before taking an entrepreneurial path.  

Utilising his expertise in risk and crisis management, Grant now runs Left of Boom, a management consultancy agency based in Melbourne specialising in preparing businesses to deal with situations that may threaten their people, operations or reputation. 

Grant’s latest book, Boom or Bust – Survive and Thrive During Crisis, brings together lessons in crisis management from the military and fifteen years of advising executive teams through some of the most significant crisis events in recent corporate history.

With Australia and New Zealand seeing their fair share of crises over the past eighteen months with cyber attacks, natural disasters to corporate scandals, not to mention COVID-19, this is a read that will resonate with people within, and outside of the sector and the agencies ESF support. 

Get your copy today by visiting the link below.