Andrew McKee’s Scholarship

Investigation of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) programs to improve capability of training across Victoria.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is being embraced by a range of services, both here and internationally.

Emergency Services from overseas have been utilising TEL in a range of formats for a number of years, while the corporate and educational sectors are in some cases miles ahead in capability and efficiency. I returned from visiting the FBI in Quantico, Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) in Canada, the National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) in England and a conference in New York. I came back with more information than can possibly be contained in the one paper. The opportunities this information presents in supporting the development of a united training platform for Victoria are significant.

Three months after returning, I was invited to return to Canada to speak with their government and emergency services sector on the results of the study and the vision and possibilities for Victoria. They continue their support and we are currently linked in creating opportunities for development through information sharing.

Professionally and personally, the opportunities presented through the ESF scholarship were outstanding. Following a passion and meeting like minded people from around the globe was particularly rewarding. To see elements of the proposal considered and implemented will improve the effectiveness and capability of information sharing, training and safety across all of our organisations.

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