Reegan Key’s Scholarship


Reegan is the Manager, Public Information and Warnings at Emergency Management Victoria.  Her role focuses on implementing best practice in the outputs of the Public Information Section in Victorian emergencies, though the management and improvement of warnings, media engagement and community information across all hazards.

Scholarship Overview

The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission provided important scope and direction in the improvement of information flow with the community during bushfires. While these will always be a significant risk in Victoria, other large-scale events including cyclones and flooding in Queensland and earthquakes in New Zealand have provided both a driver and opportunity to apply new approaches to providing warnings and information to communities for all emergencies. Over the past decade, the way we provide information during emergencies has changed in almost every facet. The outcomes of the National Review of Warnings and Information in 2014 reinforced that despite the incredible progress made, there are still so many area that need to improve.

key scholarship
In connection with Reegan’s role to lead public information in Victoria, and given key recommendations of the National Review highlighted the need to better target diverse audiences, the objective of her scholarship trip was to investigate best practice in the way warnings and information is provided to urban communities during emergencies.  Reegan visited agencies in the United States who have expertise in disaster and emergency management. She interviewed specialists in Sacramento, San Francisco, New York and Washington DC about current practices in social media, coordinated warning channels, two way communications and engaging diverse communities.

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