Michael Campbell’s Scholarship

Investigating best practice in transferring emergency personnel and equipment to ships and strategies to combat marine fires and incidents.

The ESF Scholarship has value added to the MFB and the Victoria’s marine response strategy through my engagement and exposure to world’s best practice in marine response strategies and being able to share that knowledge. Travelling to some of the world’s busiest shipping ports and channels has allowed me to engage in meetings and unique training opportunities.

Countries visited include:

  • UK – Intelligence gathering by helicopter, River Thames harbour control, fireboat response on River Thames, communication and despatch centre.
  • France – Training with the Maritime Incident Response Group European Union (MIRG EU) for a week in France really exposed me to over 20 years of fire service response to ships at sea in International waters
  • Netherlands – Port operations and emergency response in the third largest port in the world.
  • Sweden – Air to ship transfer at sea from a Sikorsky S76 onto Swedish Sea Rescue Society and Swedish Coast Guard vessels
  • Italy – Costa Concordia wreck
  • Asia – Warehousing emergency response equipment

My hosts in every country exceeded all expectations through the professional manner in which they presented themselves and their organisation. In trying to enhance my ESF study tour I have been able to implement many ideas into the MFB and Victorian marine emergency response strategy through my current role as marine training coordinator for MFB.

The international networks have proven invaluable and continue to strengthen. This is supported by my invitation from the Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG) EU project, to be guest speaker at the EU marine launch in Vlissingen, Netherlands 2014. These networks have also assisted with obtaining equipment to trial for sea transfers from overseas.

A highlight was being a guest of the salvage company TITAN, in Italy to board the ‘Costa Concordia’ ship wreck during its salvage operation. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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