Kylie Abraham’s Scholarship

Maximising engagement of volunteer participants in Emergency Services Training.

Australia has over 500,000 emergency services volunteers who provide response and recovery services associated with accidents and disasters.

To prepare for their role, volunteers can spend at least 80 hours a year in training and preparation to respond to emergency scenarios. As Emergency Services Organisations will always operate in a tight fiscal environment, there will be limited funds for developing ‘whiz bang’ learning and development applications to facilitate engagement in a training environment.

I received an Emergency Services Foundation scholarship which has enabled research to be completed on how emergency services organisations can “maximise the engagement of volunteer participants in emergency services training”. The research was completed in the United Kingdom and involved learning from the Metropolitan Police Service, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

The key recommendations formulated are:

  • Introduction of an employer supported emergency services training framework
  • Upskilling of facilitators in the delivery of emergency services training material
  • Training pathways established

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