Relief Programs

The Emergency Services Foundation provides relief and assistance to any Victorian Emergency Service Worker and their families who suffer hardship as a result of the Worker engaged in the operations of activities of an Emergency Service.

Since 1987 a number of Victorian Emergency Service workers have received financial assistance and in some cases the families of deceased members have also received financial support.

Should any further information be required in regard to the ESF Relief Programs or eligability please contact Jenny Davis on 0406 003 765 or

Financial Relief for Death or Serious Injury to Emergency Services Personnel.

A fundamental role of the Emergency Services Foundation is to provide financial relief/assistance for emergency services personnel and/or their families in the event of death or very serious injury, of an emergency services worker, whilst on duty. This policy applies equally to paid and voluntary personnel.

Financial relief may take two forms:

  • Agency Heads advise the Emergency Services Foundation of the need for relief/assistance. ESF determines if a grant of up to $10,000.00 will be made to the affected family aimed at reducing initial financial distress.
  • If, after that initial period, a family requires further financial assistance, they may approach the Agency Head for a further, one off grant, to help them meet their ongoing financial obligations in the absence of the income of the emergency services worker or access to any insurance payments.

How to Access Financial Relief from the Foundation

  • The family will be contacted as soon as possible after the death or injury becomes known to determine their need, and assuming they wish to receive such a grant, arrangements made to provide funds without delay.
  • A request for further financial assistance from the ESF should be submitted in writing to the Agency Head, who will liaise with the Emergency Services Foundation CEO.